Celine Handbag Dupe


Welcome back ladies!! I hope every one is having a fabulous weekend! This week I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite dupe handbags! I’ve gotten so many requests for the link on this handbag so I thought it was only right to share a post with a direct link! 


I found these pretty handbags on AMAZON! Yes ladies, that’s right…..Amazon. And you all know what this means right?! FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING! Talk about a freakin win!


Not only does this bag come in many colors, but it also comes in a few sizes as well! I purchased the medium size in black and the large size in bright orange! They also have a small size with a crossbody option and an extra large oversized option. The links are all posted below so you can chose which size bag is just right for you. 

Small Celine Dupe

Medium Celine Dupe

Large Celine Dupe

Extra Large Oversized Celine Dupe

This bag stood out to me because of the variety of colors, the price, and the fact that it’s real leather! This means great quality! 


Now let’s get to the real reason why we’re here.. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’m an ordinary girl with a regular 9-5 job and spending around $3,000 on one item is just not in the budget for me. Lol The Amazon prices range from $105 (small) to $159 (oversized extra large). It doesn’t get any better than that to me!


So here are a few close up pictures of the real Celine Luggage Handbag compared to my Celine Dupe! 



Pretty dang close right!? My Dupe has the gold hardware on the bottom of the bag, the same zipper style, and a front zip just like the original as well! The only visual difference is the actual brand name stamped on the front! Other than that, I would say I did a really good job at finding this beauty!!

Well that’s all I have for today ladies! Let me know if you purchase one of these bags! Comment below with any questions you may have, I love to chat! Have a great week ! 

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