Princess For a Day



Have you ever wondered what it will feel like to be in the wedding dress of your dreams? The beautiful stares from people as you take your wedding photos. The honks from the cars driving by while you pose for the camera. Everyone yelling “congratulations!!” as they pass by you. The overall feeling of being and looking like a true princess for a day! That feeling right there ladies, will be a dream come true, if it hasn’t already happened for you! I got to experience this exact feeling while I did a bridal shoot for Porschenikia! I call this the Glam Dress of Your Dreams! The dress that will knock the socks off of your family, your guests, and your husband to be, as they watch you walk down that aisle. I have never even imagined myself walking down the aisle in a ball gown silhouette, but boy was I wrong! My personality is so over the top, drama, glitz and glam, a girl like me shouldn’t have anything less than a dress with this much sass!!

Now let’s talk about my personal experience during this day. It started off with a make-up appointment by Katy Marie! She was fabulous, fun to chat with and down to earth! We laughed so much during our appointment that I had to keep apologizing for the laughter tears rolling down my face! 

After this, Porsche and I drove to Downtown Tacoma where we would have the photoshoot. This is when I met the amazing Tim Lawrence! He is a phenomenal photographer with great feedback and instruction! Although I am very outgoing, I am extremely camera shy when others are taking my photos. So with Tim, Porsche, and Antjuan’s help (Antjuan is Porsche’s husband) I was able to be calm, take direction, and perform for the camera. And this is when the pics really took off! I was posing, doing graceful hand movements, and looking like a real model! Cars were driving by honking, fire trucks were sounding their big horns, and everyone was screaming “CONGRATULATIONS, BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!!” As they drove by!


THIS is the feeling that Porsche delivers when you step foot into one of her luxury gowns! It was such an honor to be one of her bridal models and I look forward to many more experiences like this with her! She is a beautiful person inside and out, an amazing mom, a loving wife, and a great friend! All of the qualities any woman would want in her wedding dress designer! Check out the pics below and be sure to check out her page as well!

Lastly, I can’t wrap this post up without shouting out her husband! Her biggest supporter! He took so many behind the scenes footage for us, and he even tossed up the train to my long veil so that we could get the perfect photo! This photoshoot was an experience I will never forget! And whoever I marry will be lucky enough to get a sneak peak of how beautiful I will look on our special day ❤️


Dress Designer: Porsche Williams

Designer’s Website: Porschenikia

Photographer: Tim Lawrence

Make-up Artist: Katy Marie 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Please leave any comments or questions you have and I will be sure to respond! Have a great day everyone! 

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