Leopard Heels, Flats, Sneakers, & Booties!

Welcome back!! I hope everyone has been having a great week and weekend! This week I thought it would be fun to talk about one of my favorite fashion trends, LEOPARD PRINT SHOES! This has been one of my favorite trends for so many years! 


Lets start with my number one choice, the leopard print pump! My mom actually gave me these Steve Madden Pumps one day because she didn’t like the way they fit, my heart thumped of excitement! They are the PERFECT leopard print, and yes ladies, there IS a such thing as the “perfect leopard print”. This is when my obsession with leopard print shoes began. I like to style these pumps with the perfect distressed black skinny jeans and a bright-colored top.

Next up, we have the leopard flats. Now I personally have two different styles of leopard flats because I like to have variety in my wardrobe. I know for some that can be a little excessive but just hear me out! I have one strappy-pair of flats similar to these that I like to style with skinny black jeans and a black T-shirt or a little black dress. I also have a pair of leopard loafers that I like to style with skinny jeans and a white T-shirt for days that I want to be a little more casual. 

Now on to the leopard slip on sneakers! I love to pair these slip on sneakers with black leggings and a basic top! Having leopard sneakers means dressing up any old basic comfy outfit, and you can never go wrong with that! You can also throw on these sneakers with those black distressed jeans again or a black T-shirt dress to dress that up too!

Lastly, my second favorite choice, the leopard booties! Now as you can see, I have three different pairs of leopard booties.. no judgment! But to be fair, my full print leopard booties are different prints of leopard, one is darker than the other pair, and one is all black with a hint of leopard…. but honestly who am I kidding?! I’m just obsessed lol! Either way I would style these booties with denim jeans, black jeans, leggings, and even a dress with tights! Booties are just great during the fall because you can style them with so many things, whether you are going for a casual or a dressy look! Here are some similar booties to the ones that I own, lighter leopard booties, darker leopard booties, and black and leopard booties

(These are the Walmart leopard booties!)

Leopard print shoes are easy to find and can be very budget friendly! My shoes range from Steve Madden to Walmart’s brand Time and Tru, and if you style them right, no one will ever know!

So there you have it ladies! My favorite fashion trend and how I like to style them. I hope you all enjoyed this post! Please comment and let me know what you all think. Also, feel free to share my posts, I love to see you all supporting me! Have a great week and I’ll see you back here next Sunday! 

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8 thoughts on “Leopard Heels, Flats, Sneakers, & Booties!

  1. From a girl who is also obsessed with leopard I can also assure you that you can’t have too much leopard!! Ahha 🙂 loved the post girl!!


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