Season of Purpose

I came across this amazing faith-based brand through my best friend Kacia! Horacio Printing is a christian based brand whose mission is to help individuals connect with their God-given purpose, and with their Seasons of SOAP Bible Study they did just that for me! I love to do bible studies with my small girl group, but there’s just something about having a personal bible study just for me and God! 

Let me first start by breaking down just exactly what the Seasons of SOAP Bible Study is. SOAP is an acronym for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer! There are five seasons in this volume 1 bible study, and I can’t wait for the following series to come out next year! The five seasons are Purpose, Wisdom, Transition, Anxiety, and Joy. I have only completed the season of purpose and I am over the moon with how life changing it has been. I have never been the type of christian who could just open the Bible and make sense of it, so having structure with an easy layout is perfect for me.

This bible study season started off with an introduction breaking down what you should expect this season and asking the following questions, what is my purpose? What is my calling? What is God’s will for my life? The first page is a reflection page where you journal where you are currently at in finding you purpose and what you hope to gain after this study. Each season has a fourteen day study with a few paragraphs of scriptures, a section to write down what you observed, a section to journal how you will apply it to your life, and lastly a section to write down your prayer. Now I had a feeling this would be a great study, but I can not stress enough how life changing this was for me! 

I started my first entry on June 4th, 2018 and completed this season on September 9th, 2018. As you can see I wasn’t all in and completely focused. I was currently in a season of dating and feeling like I had it all figured out. My first entry I wrote about my dreams of being a wife, one day becoming a stay at home mom to 2-3 children, the possibility of being a supervisor at work some day, and most importantly a FASHION BLOGGER! I wanted to know how I could apply my walk with Jesus to these dreams of mine, and how to achieve them.


Now lets fast forward to September 9th, where you write your final reflection of this season after going through the fourteen day bible study. During this season I fully surrendered my life to God, mind, body, and spirit. God had been putting bugs in my ear about becoming celibate for so long and after my last relationship ended I knew God was waiting for me to surrender ALL so that I could wait on his blessing. I also learned that I have a pretty bad spending habit that I am working on, and it was time for me to get healthy. I joined Weight Watchers at work and I actually love it. Lastly, I was always so fearful of starting a fashion blog because I didn’t have more than 700 followers on Instagram and entering the blogging world was always so intimidating to me. But God put these desires in my heart for a reason, and as long as I continue to do the things I love in his name, there is nothing to be ashamed of! I have Gotten so much feedback for my blogging and it is so freeing. I LOVE what I am doing and I feel so full in spirit . I finally feel like THIS is what it means to walk in my God-given purpose and to become that woman he has been calling me to be. 

I highly recommend this SOAP Bible Study, I can’t even IMAGINE the work God is going to do within these next four seasons!! Now I know this topic is probably way deeper than my followers are used to, but I told myself I would keep it real and blog about things I am fully passionate about. This has literally changed my life and I feel so free sharing with you all. 

Get your hands on one of these journals if this has touched or motivated you in anyway! I am sharing the links below. 

Horacio Printing Instagram

Horacio Printing

SOAP Bible Study

(Also, my amazing rose gold oxfords are from ALDO SHOES)

As always, follow me on Instagram πŸ’•and be blessed! 


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