DIY Shoe Display

Welcome back to my page!! I hope everyone has been enjoying the new year!!

I have been getting so many questions about my shoe display so I thought I would share exactly how I designed it!

I got a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest, but right now I’m still living at home with my parents, and I’m not able to just go crazy and make a closet room like I would LOVE to do! But I needed a practical way to store my shoes, and let’s be honest, I had to make it massive! I’ve been displaying my shoes on shelves and in glass bookcases since I was in high school lol my best friend still teases me about it to this day! I’m all about displaying my treasures! I work hard for the things I buy, so why not show it off! Lol

Now, are you all ready to hear where I purchased my famous shoe display at….. WALMART!!! Yup, that’s right, it’s literally four bookshelves that I put together from Walmart. You couldn’t of thought that I would pay hundreds of dollars on a shoe display, while living at my parents condo! No way! I need to save that for when I buy a house lol

Here are the bookshelves that I used for my display and a couple more options depending on the look and function you are going for. Now if you want to be a little fancier, there are more expensive options to chose from, but for me, these ones work just fine.

5 Shelf Bookcase $27.99

3 Shelf Bookcase $17.99

5 Shelf Cube Organizer $49.99

6 Cube Storage Cubby $29.99

I have gotten so many compliments on my shoe display and I couldn’t be happier! If you don’t have as many shoes as I do, you can also place your handbags on the shelves to make it really fancy!

Here are a few inspirational pics to get you going !!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! As always, follow me on Instagram 💕 . Have a happy Sunday!!!

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