10 Ways to Organize Your Life

Hello and welcome back to my page!! In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I thought it would be fun to share 10 things that helped me feel more organized in my day to day  life! I hope you find these tips helpful!

1. Create Checklist!
I know this can sound silly, but this simple task is life changing! I make weekly checklist at work prioritizing my duties for the week. I make checklist of the chores I need to do around the house. You can also do this in the notes section of your phone and erase each task that you achieve. There is just something so special about writing out goals and then checking them off  your list. You will feel a sense of accomplishment as you slowly check off each item or goal.

2. Make Grocery Lists!
This goes along with tip #1! I never grocery shop without a list anymore, and it has saved me so much time and money. I keep a list on my phone in the notes section, this makes it easy to add to it whenever I need to. For example, if I’m getting ready in the morning and I notice I am running low on toothpaste, I will immediately add it to the list, if I make my morning coffee and my creamer is low, I pull out my phone and add it to the list. This has been one of the best things for me!

3. Meal Prep!
Meal prepping can sound so intimidating but trust me, it can be so easy! It’s all about finding foods you like and making them easy to grab and go for the week. A typical meal prep week for me would be cooking on Sunday and making a tin of egg bites for breakfast, spaghetti squash noodles with a meatsauce, and taco bowls. It’s all about finding easy foods you love and placing them in handy containers.

4. Use a Planner!
Now, I am fully aware that this tip is not for everyone! I personally LOVE planners (minor obsession), but I know they are not for everyone. I like to see an overview of my week and month at a glance, so that I know what to expect for the upcoming days. It also helps me not miss holidays, events, or birthdays. You can also utilize the calendar in your phone if you don’t enjoy paper!

5. Keep a Schedule!
This goes right along with tip #4! Having a schedule keeps me focused, motivated, and on task. Often times we can forget about an event and over book ourselves which can be overwhelming. Use a cute wall calendar, a planner, or your phone calendar to keep track of your scheduled events.

6. Plan Your Outfits!
This is a task that I have NOT mastered, but it would make my life so much easier. My mom has been picking out her outfits the night before and it has saved her so much time and energy. I find that my room gets disasterous when I can’t find anything to wear in the mornings. I have tried this tip many times and it is always helpful, I just need to do this way more consistently.

7. Use a Budget App!
I downloaded the Mint app and it was very helpful. You can manage your spending habits and create budgets so that you aren’t spending unnecessary amounts on things. I don’t know about you, but sometimes spending can be stressful, so staying on top of things can ease your stress.

8. Unsubscribe From Emails!
Who else recieves dozens of emails that you just delete!?!? GUILTY!  I spent 30 minutes one day unsubscribing from many emails and it felt like a huge weight lifted. It has also saved me a ton of money, because I don’t know about every sale from every company anymore!

9. Create Email Subfolders!
This is something else that I have recently done and it helps me stay very organized. I created a subfolder for Travel, Shopping, Social Media Collaborations, and my Banking. When an email comes in, I drop it into the subfolder and it makes things easy to search when I need to.

10. Make Your Bed Daily!
This is more for your mental health, I just started making my bed every morning a few months ago and it has made each day a little better. Often times I can feel so stressed out, but making my bed each morning gives me a sense of accomplishment early on in the day and its one thing checked off my daily to do list!

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I hope these tips have been helpful and uplifting!! If you have any other fun tips to share, please comment below, I would love to hear!! As always, follow me on Instagram 💕

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