Single & Waiting Well – Introduction

Welcome back to my page babes… and gentlemen!! lol This week I am going take you on a four part journey of my singleness and how I finally learned to “wait well.”

When I was in my early 20’s, I told everyone I would be married by 25 and starting my family in my late 20’s.  Why wouldn’t I be? I was cute, had a bangin’ body, and a great job!!! Any man would want to wife me up, right?! HA! Now I’m not saying these weren’t good qualities, BUT there were just so many things on the inside that I needed to learn about myself first. Like being married and having a man does not define you, THIS is what God needed me to see. And let me tell you, I fought this lesson for MANY years. I just honestly wasn’t having it lol

I am now 27 years old, single, and living what I call, my best life!! I’m not in the best shape, I don’t have the highest education, I don’t drive the fanciest car, I don’t own a property, I am not married or even dating, but I am truly living my best life!! Living your best life to me, is being able to be happy and content through each phase of life, having a relationship with God even when you are waiting for answered prayers, and not holding back on things in life just because you feel you have to be further than you are to do it! Travel the world, enhance your savings account, pay off your debt, prioritize health and fitness, and be the best woman you can be, BEFORE God blesses you with that man! THESE are the things God was pushing me to learn, and now that I have, I am actively working on each one, while I peacefully wait for that man.

Now, like I mentioned before, getting to this peaceful waiting place was NOT easy! It was probably one of the hardest things to go through. Feeling like my ultimate purpose in life is to be a mom and a wife, and watching people around you get handed this so easily while you wait, is really tough. For years I swore up and down I would never be satisfied or completely happy as a single woman. I went through break up after break up but for me, true joy came from a relationship. I LOVE to love!!! I don’t feel like I have deeply rooted issues for why I felt this way. I was just so sure that love and marriage was the answer to everything!! My parents have been married for over 35 years and they have one of the best relationships I have ever seen!! They travel the world and still go on weekly dates. So you can imagine, with me still living with them, this is all that I am exposed to! So in my eyes, it was only natural for me to feel that this is where true joy came from. But the part that I wasn’t focusing on, was the man and woman they had to become, to get here! I know how it feels to be waiting, watching people around you obtain what you’re waiting on, feeling like it’s NEVER going to happen! But I’m THANKFUL for every guy that walked away, because I wouldn’t have blossomed into this powerful woman that I am now. I have a confident voice, and I’m going to use it! You are not alone in your journey of waiting, and I promise the wait gets better if you just allow God to work and accept his timing.

Over the next few days I will be taking you through each stage that I went through, to get to this place! Sometimes I find myself repeating these stages, and thats okay! You won’t always have it together, its life. But I can at least tell you what I did, to become at peace. Next up, how I handle the break ups!

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3 thoughts on “Single & Waiting Well – Introduction

  1. love this Aeriele!! Growth from the inside out is so important!! I love your confidence in yourself and that light is what’s going to attract the perfect man for you! ❤️😍❤️


  2. Thanks for sharing your heart you words echoed as I read them bening whole is the most important thing to me and knowing who you are in Christ Amen God bless you and I cannot wait for more post!


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