Single & Waiting Well – Stage 3


This is when the good vibes finally start to kick in! During this time I often journal, pray, and I ask myself these following questions:

What is God asking me to do? What type of woman is he molding me to be? Where do I see myself in 5 years career and health wise? What type of wife and mom do I want to be? What do I want to bring to the table, when I finally meet my husband? Asking yourself these questions are KEY to becoming that wife you want to be, and this will only help attract that man you are waiting for. Sometimes it even leads to you setting your standards even higher, realizing you are worth so much more. This is exactly what happened to me.

I debated on giving up sex for MONTHS, but I never felt it was that important or necessary. Sure it’s a rule in the bible, but were all sinners, right?! haha and the answer is YES of course we are. And I did NOT become celibate to prove to God I was ready for a husband. I actually fell in love with the idea even more after reading “The Wait by Meagan Good and her husband Devon Franklin. That book was so inspiring y’all, to have a man marry me without giving him my body became my DREAM! Talk about TRUE LOVE. And I am 100% not saying that if you have sex before marriage its not true love, I have been in real love, and trust me, we were NOT celibate by any means. Haha sorry mom and dad! I’m also aware of the people who are celibate and get married just because their hormones are racing, and I’m not looking to have that either. But during this time I really dreamt of having this amazing, successful, handsome, Jesus loving, career driven, romantic man who loved me PAST my body. I get chills thinking about it!! Also, becoming celibate has really opened my eyes to the men who are just not about it. It’s so unattractive when I come across a man who off tops says he would NEVER be celibate…. like okay bro. You’re not even gonna TRY?! You ain’t what I’m looking for then lol and again, THAT’S OKAY! This just helps ME stay focused on myself, keep a clear head, weed out the hound dogs, and find a man who is truly looking for more.

Now, I am not trying to convince anybody to be celibate, do yo thang boo!! But I will suggest stepping away from sex for a few months just to clear your head and re evaluate everything you are looking for.

During this stage I gained THE MOST confidence in the catch that I truly am. I feel like I bring a LOT to the table but I wanted be even more of a catch! I want to be a successful blogger while maintaining my full time career, get in the best shape of my life, have a large savings account, and become an amazing cook. I am so focused on achieving the steps to get there.

Now, think about the woman you want to be and the goals that will get you there! Spend some time working out, eating healthier, finishing school, choosing a career, starting a business, joining a church, etc . Let’s become the wives we dream of being and attract that man we know God has in store for us!! Let’s be so confident in ourselves, that we aren’t afraid to eat at the dinner table alone! Yeah, that’s deep. Next up, its all about finding purpose!

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