Single & Waiting Well – Stage 4


Ladies, if you have made it to this final blog post, I truly love you! Gentlemen, if you did too, then you the real MVP!!!

Now its time that we find our purpose, and truly live out our best lives, while we wait for our blessing. What are you passionate about? What brings you joy? Is it cooking? Blogging? Community service? Being apart of a church and having responsibilities? Maybe it’s just as simple as hiking on the weekends to keep your peace. Whatever it is, let’s discover it!

For me, it has ALWAYS been fashion and helping people. These are the two things that really spark joy for me. Believe it or not, I always dreamed of being a Fashion Blogger, but I really didn’t think it was possible. Silly right? Anyone can start a fashion Instagram page, start a blog with Word Press, and post on it! So why did I think it was so out of reach for me? I’ll tell you, LACK OF CONFIDENCE. Dating men who didn’t understand my passions, holding myself back because of their opinons, letting fear get in the way of my dreams, or just flat out laziness. I am honestly so thankful that I am still on my single journey, because I don’t think I would have ever started “Coffeepumpsandglitter”. I will say though, my intentions were NOT for it to go this far and become this deep, lol but again, listening to God and hearing him tell me the woman he wants me to be, has lead me right here. And it feels like home.

So with that being said, turn your misery into a ministry! Dress cute and be free! Living my best life has a such a different meaning for me now. To me, living your best life is being able to get to the end of your misery, pushing through your hardest moments, gaining confidence even when you feel low, and being genuinely happy with every single stage of your life. Wether you are single, dating, or married, LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! You don’t need anything but yourself and Jesus to do this! I NEVER thought I would feel so much joy, alone. But I do, and I realized how important this truly is. Even when I’m having bad days, I always know God will bring me back to this peaceful place.

I can’t believe we have made it this far together babe! I hope I inspired you this week. Now go out and live your best life, I promise our husbands (or wives) are on the way! And if you’re already married or engaged, tell your boo you love him and then thank Jesus!

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