Ladies, Check Those Boobies!!

My Family & Friends at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

August of this year marks 2 years of my mom being BREAST CANCER FREE!! To say I am so thankful, is an understatement! God brought her through this journey better than any of us could have ever imagined. It seems like breast cancer is a common thing these days and I HATE it. Everyone I know has been affected by breast cancer in some sort of way. Although we can pray daily that none of us are hit with this awful diagnoses, I understand that life is inevitable and cancer doesn’t care who you are! Cancer does not discriminate and it’s frightening. But ladies there is one thing that we can all do to make sure we are doing our part! On top of trying to eat healthier (my least favorite subject) let’s be sure that we are checking our boobies daily!! Get familiar with the oddly shaped tissue inside of you. I am no expert at this, but I try to do self checks almost daily. I know this can be uncomfortable for some but I have a close friend who was able to find her own lump and it made her treatment less extensive than it could of been. Remember EARLY DETECTION IS KEY! If you are younger like me, most doctors wait YEARS before we can get a mammogram. Even with my mom being a survivor, I still have to wait to have them done because she doesn’t have the BRCA Gene. So for me, doing self checks are extremely important! If you feel anything unusual, I would run to the doctor! It’s better to be safe than sorry! Also, have your doctor teach you how to do self checks. This subject is obviously very dear to me, and I am so passionate about self care and helping women. I couldn’t let October pass without speaking about breast cancer awareness. My moms journey was hard but she is a strong beautiful survivor. You can read all about her journey here! If you are going through cancer or someone close to you is going through cancer in any type of way, leave a heart comment below and I will add you to my prayer journal ♥️

My Mom – 2 Year Survivor
Me & Momma
Sister in Law Charlysce
Family Friend Angie
Best Friend Kacia 
Us Again!
My Brother Marcus & His Wife Charlysce

Close Friend and Survivor Crystal
The Whole Crew lol


Aeriele Patrice

2 thoughts on “Ladies, Check Those Boobies!!

  1. Please tell your mom congratulations on her 2 year anniversary! You made an excellent point on the importance of self-checking if you aren’t at the age to get a mammogram done.


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