Spokane, The Beautiful City That I Avoided For Years!

Amy has been asking me to come visit her in Spokane for over a year now! And for so long I have been politely declining it 😂😂😂 when I think about Spokane all I think about is long road trips and snow storms!! To my surprise, Spokane is so beautiful and has TONS of cute places to eat and enjoy. I tried to capture pictures of every place we visited! I highly recommend taking a trip down to Spokane to try out all the food places and enjoying the beautiful city. I live in Tacoma WA so I was able to hop on a 45 minute flight from Seattle to avoid the 5-6 hour drive! As many of you know, Amy is one of my best friends and this trip was really for us to just rest and reset from our busy work lives! Her and her husband Eric opened up their cozy home to me, and I am so thankful! If you are looking for a church to visit while you’re out here, be sure to check out Summit Spokane, Eric is a Worship Pastor there and it was phenomenal. I had the best time and I can’t wait to come back and visit! Take a look at all my pictures to see what we did!

The Wellness Tree! This was one of my favorite spots! It’s a healthy cafe with juices, smoothies, açaí bowls, and more!
This is where I had my first ever smoothie bowl! I ordered the Peanut Butter Açaí Bowl and loved it so much that I made Amy take me here twice!
The Brick House Spa is where me and Amy got a 90 minute massage! This place was so clean and beautiful inside. I highly recommend booking a massage here!
Me & Amy at Maryhill Winery!
We ordered a bottle of Zinfandel and enjoyed the view.
This was our view, overlooking downtown and the river!
Soulful Soups was another favorite of mine! You can order a sampler of 3 soups and it comes with beer bread! I ordered chicken artichoke, tomato basil, and beer cheese soup! All 3 were to die for and I am so glad you get the option to try 3!
Jacobs Coffee. 3 words for you, BEST COFFEE EVER! Y’all, this coffee was so amazing! I ordered a hot caramel breve in this photo and I also had an iced americano with cream and caramel sauce. Don’t drink any Starbucks while you’re here… Jacobs only!
This was a super cute brunch spot but the wait was 30 minutes and we were too hungry!
Dunkins Liquor Bar had a cool underground bar with unique cocktails!
I tried their French 75 and it was so delicious! I loved the vibe of this place! Definitely a must see bar and restaurant.
This is Amy and I at Olive Garden… because DUH!
Borracho Tacos & Tequileria! We ordered Man-Mimosa which was a regular mimosa with a shot of tequila. Yes it was strong…..and YES IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!
And now the food… I ordered 3 street tacos which were so good but they have the best queso dip hands down!
Lastly, we wrapped up our trip by working on our blogs together


Aeriele Patrice

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