10 Helpful Tips To Lessen Your Anxiety!

I have been struggling with anxiety for about 5 years now. I didn’t really pay attention to it until earlier this year when I had a major panic attack at work. I know anxiety looks different for everybody, but here are some helpful tips that really helped lessen my anxiety symptoms.

1. Therapy for Anxiety

I never thought about attending therapy for my anxiety until my Doctor recommended it! I attended about 10 weekly sessions and it was so helpful! Talking about your fears and worries are relieving in itself, but actually learning what causes your anxiety to trigger, was even more helpful! I learned how to rationalize my thoughts, do physical tapping methods, and realize that the worst case scenarios in my head weren’t so bad after all. I highly recommend therapy for dealing with anxiety.

2. Taking 30 Minute Walks

Walking 30 minutes a day is proven to lessen anxiety. Not only does it get your blood flowing, but it also clears your mind! I try to take two breaks at work and walk around the building, or walk the treadmill after a long day of work.

3. Stop Scrolling Social Media an Hour Before Bed & an Hour After Waking Up

I’ll admit, I am not great about doing this but I have tested it out and it does work. I find that the less unnecessary information that I feed my brain before sleep, helps me to have a good nights rest. I also try not to feed my brain too much unnecessary information when I wake up as well. But like I said, I am NOT great about this!

4. Read Encouraging Books

I personally started reading over my lunch hour to simply have some alone time. Reading a great book before going to sleep is another way to relax your mind.

5. Listen to Gospel Music

Listening to gospel music before work has literally become a part of my morning routine. This gets me in a great mood for the day and it calms my spirit. If gospel music isn’t your thing, listen to whatever music uplifts you before starting your day! See if you notice a shift in your attitude.

6. Self-Care

Something many of us overlook, myself included! Learning to say no and taking time for yourself is very helpful for anxiety! If you overwhelm yourself then your anxiety is sure to flare up! Take time for yourself, say no when you need to, and listen to when your body needs a break!

7. Daily Devotionals

Another part of my morning routine is spending more time with Jesus and doing my daily devotionals. If I really focus on Jesus in the mornings, it makes my days easier. My days aren’t perfect, but this is helpful overall. Being intentional about seeking God helps me to focus on things that actually matter in my life.

8. Brain Dump

Okay, if you don’t know what a brain dump is then you HAVE to go back and read my blog post on brain dumping. This is one of the most productive ways to lessen your anxiety. Getting everything off of your brain, onto paper, and organizing it, is so therapeutic. Not to mention, being organized will help you be less overwhelmed which will lessen your anxiety.

9. Avoid Drama and Gossip

I find that the more drama and gossip I’m around, the more stressed out I become. Sometimes you have to change your atmosphere in order to protect your peace.

10. Drink More Water and Less Caffeine

Too much caffeine was a HUGE trigger for my anxiety. This was something I learned in therapy that was very helpful. I now stick to only 2 shots of coffee a day, no matter what! I also try to drink 8 glasses of water and it’s helped a lot.


I hope some of these tips can be helpful in your life if you are dealing with anxiety. Doing research on anxiety and really finding out what triggers yours, is the best way to lessen your symptoms. Walking, drinking more water, and doing self care would be my top 3 suggestions to start with! If you have more tips or suggestions for dealing with anxiety feel free to leave a comment below!


Aeriele Patrice 

One thought on “10 Helpful Tips To Lessen Your Anxiety!

  1. I have a similar ’bout with anxiety and depression. Some think it should be easy to manage because it isn’t a physical disability. Yet another struggle in our daily lives. Walking helps along with others. Spice it up a little bit!!


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