3 Fun Ways To Boost Your Brand!

3 Fun Ways To Boost Your Brand!

Hi babes!!! Welcome back to my page! I love sharing my ideas with you all and just having a genuine conversation! This week I wanted to talk about something that’s been heavy on my mind! I’ve been blogging for about 6 months now and I am loving it! Now that I’m feeling more comfortable in my “fashion skin” I have been wanting to boost my brand and really build it up! I’ve been reading articles, studying bloggers pages that I love, and scrolling Pinterest for inspiration! I JUST started doing these 3 tips and I have not only found them helpful, but I have found them fun! I feel like I’m FINALLY walking in my purpose, and it feels so good! Y’all, this gives me SO MUCH JOY, and if I only inspire one gal today, then thats fine with me! So, here are the 3 things that I’m doing to help boost my brand! I don’t have any studies or data showing that these ideas are magic, I’m just starting something new, seeing what comes of it, and sharing it with you all!

#1. Create Your Own Hashtag!!

I loved this idea the moment I saw it online! People often create hashtags for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, ect. Why wouldn’t we create one to promote our own brands!? This will make your posts easy to access and also gives people the opportunity to use your hashtag if they are using your product. For a blogger like me, when someone recreates an outfit similar to mine, cooks one of my meals, or uses one of my tips, they can use my hashtag so that I can see it and other people can too! My hashtag is simply the name of my blog, instagram page, and Pinterest account. You can use your account name or make one up that would represent your brand well! Hashtags are the new big thing, let’s be apart of it!

#2. Use Pinterest To Attract Attention To Your Page!!

This is a huge tip!!! I have read about so many bloggers saying Pinterest really attracted people to their Blog and Instagram page, and I believe it! I found one of my good girl friends via Pinterest! She posted one of her flatlays on Pinterest, I clicked it, and it took me to her instagram page and I fell in love with her feed! Recently I have added every photo to Pinterest from my Instagram, Blog, and LIKEtoKNOW.it. Whenever I post on one of my sites, I copy the link to my Pinterest page, so that if someone clicks it, my sites gain more traffic. I also created a board on Pinterest titled “Coffeepumpsandglitter” where I only post my outfits of the day! It’s also important to pin things similar to your brand or what you represent to your Pinterest as well! I was able to boost my Pinterest views from 3k to 6.3k in a little over a month, just from posting all my pictures and pinning inspiration throughout the week!

#3. Create an Instagram Layout That’s Unique!

This tip can be pretty broad and you can run with so many themes! This came about because I HATED my Instagram feed. I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted my page to look like. I tried posting one full body outfit, one close up, one flat lay, and another full body. I tried color schemes and even black and white quotes in between photos. Nothing made me feel joy or proud of my page! Back about a year ago, I started posting pictures with white boarders around them simply because my pictures wouldn’t fit in the box, but I loved the cleanliness that it gave. I stopped doing this because I didn’t see any other bloggers doing this. Every photo I see fills up the squares and are versatile. I tried this and it just didn’t work for me. So what was next!? I downloaded a free app called Preview where you can lay out and plan your future Instagram feed and I tested it out. I decided I am going back to white boarders around my pictures and more vibrant filters! I LOVE the way this looks and I can’t wait for my new layout to take off!! I recommend you download this app and play around with different ideas! Here’s a sample of my new layout!

Well, that’s all for now! As always, I hope you find my tips helpful! I would love for you all to share some of your ideas with me!! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram 💕 Enjoy your week babes!!