First Blog Photo Shoot

First Blog Photo Shoot


Welcome back to my page!! Blogging has been so fun for me and it makes me happy that you all take the time to read my posts! This week I wanted to talk about my first blogger photo shoot. I did this photo shoot about a month ago and I was so afraid and discouraged because I had less than 1,000 followers and low Instagram engagement and the blogger world can be so intimidating. Who did I think I was booking a photoshoot with no followers? Why would anyone be interested in my photos? Why waste a photographers time when I’m not even a “real blogger”? These thoughts haunted me day in and day out before my shoot, but I did it anyway!


I did my shoot with Jeff Standley, a good friend of mine that I work with. He is the jack of all trades. Not only is this guy IT for the county, makes homemade candles and other DIY projects with his daughter, but he is also an amazing photographer. He has mentioned in the past that we should do a shoot together for my fashion Instagram page, but I didn’t think he was serious. I mean, how could he take me serious when I wasn’t actually a blogger? Shortly after creating my blog, I messaged Jeff on a Sunday or Monday, saying that I was finally ready to do a shoot, and he made me schedule it for that FRIDAY so that I couldn’t chicken out, because he knew I would. lol


Friday after work, we met up and we began the shoot. At first I was a nervous wreck, I am OVERLY camera-shy and I just couldn’t get in the groove. But after a few shots I started to feel comfortable. Jeff was very patient and understanding making sure he took the time to get some good shots. Overall this was such a fun experience and I am so happy I did this!


But even after my shoot, I still have not shared my photos with anyone because I still feel so shy and worried about it. But today I wanted to share with everyone how I stepped out on faith and jumped into fashion blogging and I dont plan on looking back! Sharing my love for fashion and other things has been such a positive outlet for me. So if any of you are thinking of starting a blog, youtube channel, or even just an Instagram page of your hobby, I am telling you today to just DO IT! I promise you will feel so exhilirated once you do! Dont worry about the numbers, dont worry about what people will say or think, we get one chance at life! You will feel so good being able to leave some sort of legacy behind! I am proud knowing people will now be able to say that I followed my dream and became a fashion blogger! It doesnt matter how many followers you have, or how many companies hit you up for business collaborations, what matters is that you did it anyway!





Step out on faith like I did and make your dreams come true! Follow me on Instagram and have a blessed day!