Bye Bye 2019!!

Bye Bye 2019!!

2019, what a year of WISDOM and GROWTH! Although this year wasn’t anything that I expected it to be, I can’t say that 2019 was an awful year at all! I learned so much about myself and I’m loving the woman I am becoming!

As I look back at the notes I kept in my phone, I would have to say that the highlight of my year was during my six week fast in July! God did a ton of beautiful work in me during this time! I did a six week fast from alcohol and secular music so that I could really connect with God and hear him more clearly. Here’s a break down of what I gained during those six weeks.

Week 1: I initiated reading the bible on my own for the first time ever! I was always so intimidated by reading the Bible and feeling pressured into knowing so much before even opening up the Bible! During this first week I opened up the Bible and followed a reading plan. I read the entire book of Proverbs and fell in LOVE with the Virtuous Woman! I felt so confident that THIS was one of the major callings for my life. Being that woman who stays home and holds her household and marriage together while loving God, has always been one of my biggest ambitions. But in a world full of entrepreneurs, I felt like this dream wasn’t “enough” in society’s eyes and I started doubting if this was even a plan God would want for me. So this time was very special to me, I finally felt understood by God that what I’m praying for is enough in HIS eyes.

Week 2: Two great things happened during the second week! I prayed for God to prepare me for my future husband and in return he started changing the desires of my heart! I started craving a real Godly man who can lead me and love me the way Jesus does! This also lead me into seeking God more and becoming more of a Godly woman to match this future husband of mine! And THIS desire lead me into tithing!! For so many years I was so fearful of tithing! I didn’t think I made enough money to tithe, maybe I could use that tithing money to help pay off debt, maybe tithing would make me even more in the hole! But I told God I would just trust him and take the chance, and I haven’t stopped tithing faithfully since! I don’t even miss the money and I love how much I’ve trusted God with my finances. Which leads me into week 3.

Week 3: I attended a financial freedom class!!!! I realized my weakness for instant gratification and how this affected the way I spent money. I prayed for discipline and that lead me into a financial freedom class! I created a budget and I have been knocking down my debt ever since! I track all my expenses, and although I am not perfect, I have really turned around my bad spending habits!

Week 4: Well this week was actually a really tough one for me! I was doing great, seeking God, and bettering myself. So naturally the enemy was ready to attack my mind, and he did just that.

Week 5: Although I wasn’t really up for it, I attended She Soirée at church, and it was about how beautiful we are, just the way we are! Our flaws and scars make us beautiful! They tell the story of our lives. I realized how hard I was being on myself, and I wanted to change that. I started a gratitude journal and healing the negative thoughts that I carry. Sometimes I get so caught up in where I WANT to be, that I forget how far God has actually brought me, and how I used to dream of being the very woman that I am today.

Week 6: The last and final week of my fast! This was the week before my 28th birthday and I wanted to pick up a new hobby that made me feel grown. And y’all don’t laugh, but I always dreamed of the grown and sexy Aeriele reading books and drinking wine by the fireplace! LOL I have never been into reading but I really wanted to give it a shot! I took my first library trip with my girl friend KD from work and she introduced me to James Patterson. He writes a TON of thick mystery murder books and I am in love! I am actually on book number 5 of his, and I can’t get enough!

So needless to say that those six weeks were the best six weeks for me! I grew so much and strengthened my relationship with God. I also started a YouTube channel, attended therapy for the first time ever, started a new position at work, hit one year of celibacy, and got my first paycheck from! All major accomplishments that I am very proud of!

I am SO excited to see what God brings in 2020! Remember, even if 2019 didn’t go as planned, there were MANY blessings that God did bring, sometimes you just have to look a little deeper. I’m thankful for all that he’s done ♥️ Happy New Year!


Aeriele Patrice