Three Suggestions For Your 1st Luxury Purchase!

Three Suggestions For Your 1st Luxury Purchase!

Hello Babes and welcome back to my page! I am so thankful every time I create a blog post and you take the time out to read it!! I never imagined I would be writing blog posts, sharing it with the world, and receiving so much support! Today I wanted to talk about three luxury items that are totally worth the splurge if you are looking to start a luxury collection or looking to make your first luxury purchase! Let’s dive right in!

#1. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM! This actually WAS my first luxury buy and it was a great choice!! This bag is perfect in size, comes in many color options, and has a removable zip clutch that comes with it. A two-for-one special if you ask me! I have carried this bag on so many occasions and it is perfect for traveling, work, and every day life! I have also used the zip clutch many times for nights out and errand runs! I chose the Monogram Canvas with the Pivoine (berry) interior, because it is classic, I love bright pink, and I wanted my first luxury bag to be a classic piece! But lets be honest, any Canvas print you decide on would be amazing! I also LOVE the Damier Ebene with Cherry Red interior or the Damier Azul with Rose Ballerine interior. Moral to the story, if you want to buy your first Louis Vuitton bag, I highly recommend the Neverfull MM, I also would love the SpeedyB 25, but lets save that for another blog post!! lol Here is a picture of my handbag and the different canvas prints I discussed before!

#2. The Leather Gucci Belt! Everyone knows this is a super popular piece and it is worth every bit of the hype! I took my belt to a local shoe repair and they added holes so that I can wear it around my waist with dresses! I absolutely love this belt because it can dress up any casual outfit or any dress! Talk about another two-for-one special! Every time I wear this belt, I receive many compliments! It really takes your outfit up a notch! I am so happy with this purchase and I highly recommend this as a first luxury item! You will find yourself rocking this belt year round! Here are a couple pictures showing how to style it with jeans or a dress!

#3. Tory Burch Miller Sandals! Okay, I JUST received my first pair, and I cant stop raving about them! They are SO comfortable and come in so many colors! I bought the Light Make Up color because it is neutral and will go with everything! These sandals are true to size and so cute! I have heard so many reviews about these sandals lasting for YEARS and that they are worth every penny. This is another classy luxurious item. I may be buying these in black as well! I’m a huge fan of buying shoes that are a little more pricy, if they will go with most of my outfits, and not hurt my feet. Staple pieces should cost a little more, because they will rotate through your closet more often. Also, I don’t think I have ever seen these sandals go on sale, BUT, I found a way to get 15% off! If you have never shopped with Neiman Marcus online, sign up for the email newsletter and you’ll automatically receive 15% off your first purchase. That’s what I did, and it took $30 off! Here are a picture of my sandals, and a few other colors that I’m loving!

Well that’s all I have for now babes! I know not every one is into designer items or care to spend a ton of money on material things. But I do highly recommend each of these items if you are looking to start a collection or just want that one nice item added to your wardrobe! I personally love designer items, my mom has always loved designer items growing up, and I have inherited that trait graciously lol I work really hard, and buying something nice for myself, is a great reward! If you have any questions about quality, sizing, colors, or anything else please feel free to DM me at any time! Its important that you LOVE something you are going to be spending big bucks on!!

Have a great day!!!! And as always, follow me on Instagram 💕